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Spectrum Talent Management

Spectrum Talent Management

Build and Easily Manage a Talented, Successful Workforce 

Spectrum Talent Management provides you with everything you need to manage your entire employee lifecycle — from recruitment to retention.

Powered by cloud-based human resources management tools from BirdDogHR, Spectrum Talent Management includes industry-leading recruiting solutions, simple, automated onboarding programs, powerful resources to enhance learning and performance, forward-thinking communication feedback solutions, collaboration tools and succession planning solutions.

Straightforward and easy-to-use software, Spectrum Talent Management is cloud-based and completely configurable, allowing users to start with the full suite or just a few modules. Spectrum Talent Management extends and complements the existing HR applications within Spectrum.

Spectrum Talent Management Improves:


Improving the quantity and quality of candidates and reducing hiring risks


Accelerating new employee proficiency to save time and money


Aligning goals with company strategy to improve productivity and standardizing employee feedback practices


Increasing employees’ skills and certifications, improving productivity in the process


Centralizing the sharing of documentation and providing improved communication with and engagement of employees


Identifying employees for growth opportunities and advancement, ensuring talent continuity and reducing risk


  • Cloud-based management solution for complete talent management
  • Easy-to-use interface through direct integration between Spectrum and BirdDogHR
  • Intuitive dashboards and reporting functionality
  • Powerful recruiting and job search tools
  • Streamlined onboarding tools to get employees on the job faster
  • Dynamic performance management and review functionality
  • Leading education and skills assessment resources
  • Centralized document sharing, communication and collaboration
  • Managed succession planning
  • Employee growth modeling and talent scoring tools


  • Significantly improves quality of employment candidates
  • Speeds time to proficiency through more effective onboarding procedures
  • Improves employee skillsets on the job
  • Easier performance assessments that maximizes desired results
  • Fosters high levels of communication and collaboration within the organization
  • Engages employees directly, involves them in their growth and keeps them happy
  • Lower turnover and prepared succession plans when attrition does occur
  • Reduces organizational risk
  • Saves critical time and money spent on traditional HR tools and resources
  • Improves quality of work through better talent that shares company goals

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