Check out the benefits of software designed for construction firmsFinding the right software package for your construction firm can become tedious and overwhelming. Do you feel comfortable working in a system designed for multiple industries, or do you want to deploy software designed for construction firms? Whether you have owned multiple Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems before, or if you are just looking to purchase your first solution, this guide will help you identify the features included in a complete construction software package that will not only meet but exceed your needs and expectations as your firm continues to grow.

Must Have Construction Software Features for Contractors

When it comes to software designed for construction firms, here are the must have features that will benefit your firm:

  1. Collaboration Tools to Enhance Communication: Because few construction projects are completed by a single company, contractors rely on collaboration tools that help project teams communicate and work better together. Popular functionality in collaboration tools includes plan room tracking where project documents and communications can be shared, modified and tracked with an audit trail.
  2. Productivity Tools: Workflows and dashboards are powerful features that help you design the flow of information, streamline communications, and automate and control key tasks that occur across your organization.
  3. Business Intelligence for the Entire Organization: Top construction firms go beyond simple report generation. Key operational and financial data should be presented throughout your construction management system to provide at-a-glance overviews of your projects, operations, and financial performance. Takes BI further by leveraging active Business Intelligence – set alerts and control the flow of communication and tasks across your organization.
  4. Integration Capability: In today’s competitive technology ecosystem integration capability is a must have. Firm’s need the ability for all their applications to seamlessly communicate with each other, virtually eliminating any double-entry and ensuring that the most up-to-date and complete information is available to you regardless of the task you are performing.
  5. Mobile-Friendliness for a Workforce On-the-Go: Your employees are constantly on the move and you need the ability for your software to run on virtually any device. Mobility allows your office staff to work across multiple monitors at their desks while project managers can access complete project information in the field on their tablets.
  6. Modern Technology for a Modern Workforce: When construction software is designed specifically for the cloud, you enjoy the benefits of a system that allows you to work from just about any connected device, anywhere and anytime, by simply launching a web browser. Break free from on-premise systems and move to the cloud and start enjoying this convenience without sacrificing control.

Add Long-Term Value with Software Designed for Construction Firms

To help you choose what construction software will work best for your firm, take some time to consider your typical project workflow. This process will help you decide what specific features will be essential for the unique challenges facing your construction business. Talk to your team and get an understanding of their current processes; it will be easier to get them on board with embracing new technology if it fits in with their existing methods and procedures with minimal disruption.
Have you already had experience using project management software for your construction business? Share your stories in the comments below!

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