Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a suite of integrated applications that seamlessly work together to manage ALL aspects of a business. ERP systems integrate purchasing, marketing, sales and operational data. By design, ERP systems are large and complex, and they streamline business data and processes to improve profitability.

Questions to Ask about Construction ERP Software

In the construction industry, an ERP system typically includes applications for job cost accountingpayrollproject managementpurchasing, inventory, reporting and more. In the best-designed construction ERP systems, all the applications “talk” to each other and share data back and forth.

Is it Scalable and Being Improved for the Future?

Finding the right construction ERP software requires research to fully understand how things will work for your specific situation. While many software companies claim to have fully integrated ERP solutions, you need to do your own research and make sure the systems are scalable and can grow with your business. Also, double check to make sure the company is reinvesting in the software so you don’t select a system that gets phased out or is not being properly supported to keep up with industry changes.

Will it Work in the Cloud?

With everything moving to web-based systems, it’s also important to make sure the software was developed specifically for the cloud and is not just being “used” in the cloud. Software developed originally for a desktop environment often does not fully integrate even though it can be set up for remote access. (Some functions and commands and “keys” often don’t work properly when linking to tablets and smartphones.)

Will it Integrate with Apps?

ERP software can be linked behind the scenes to integrate with apps. For example, apps that allow workers to quickly enter field data, time or equipment usage, greatly improve productivity when connected into an overall ERP system. When entered by employees in the field, these items can be immediately posted to the payroll system and charged to the correct jobs. Not all ERP systems easily integrate with apps, so it is important to do your homework.

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