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5 Ways Live Field Data Improves COVID-19 Safety

5 ways live field data improves covid-19 safety

In these uncertain times, safety is an even bigger concern for contractors. Bringing everyone together in person and holding a live safety training is a challenge with COVID-19 and maintaining proper social distancing. Live field data can help alleviate some of the concerns brought up during times of crisis. Knowing what is happening in real-time can make a world of difference. 

Contractors are looking for ways to better manage their workforce that now includes remote workers, field workers, and office staff. To reduce risk, COVID-19 safety forms must be submitted faster and more frequently than ever before. Find out how WorkMax can improve your COVID-19 safety program by tracking time, forms, and assets in real-time all in one app.

Join Mike Merrill, COO of AboutTime Technologies, on Wednesday, May 6th at 1:00 PM EST to learn how WorkMax can improve your Covid-19 safety program:

– Expedites collection and sharing of real-time safety data to mitigate risk exposure

– Simplifies and automates safety data collection and sharing

– Rapidly deploys field safety training with videos on mobile devices

– Increases safety form completions

– Connects live field data to the back office for better decision making

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