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Streamline your Field Service Operations with Acumatica’s Field Service Edition

"We have a workforce hungry for KPIs and metrics and Acumatica provides our employees and upper management with actionable data at their fingertips."

- Rebecca Ogle, Chief Financial Officer, Safety Management Group

Field Service is Demanding.

Acumatica’s Field Service Edition is built to solve common and complex problems in the industry.

Managing the moving parts of a company with in-field employees is a huge logistical challenge. Acumatica’s Field Service Software is comprehensive and easy to manage. Streamline your dispatching, reduce response times, and save money with a tool that’s fully integrated with your CRM, sales, inventory, purchasing, accounting, and financial reporting.

Maintain a real-time view of your customer’s activities across your complete business when Field Service operations are fully integrated with the back office.

Two Teams: Working Together

Is Acumatica Field Service Edition right for you?

Strategies Group has an experienced team of Field Service Software experts ready to help make your transition as smooth as possible.

To ensure a smooth transition, we ask that our clients have a forward-thinking executive team that believes in the importance of investment in technology, a staff that is willing to learn and adapt to a technology transition, and a controller level staffer on your accounting team.

Field Service Worker

Maintain a real-time view of your customer’s activities across your complete business when Field Service operations are fully integrated with the back office.

Field Service Operations

“ Acumatica’s flexibility enables users to configure their implementation to match existing best practice, while promoting the move away from siloed data and processes."

- Nucleus Research

The best software leads to the best companies.

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Financial Management

Augment Acumatica’s base financials with advanced financial capabilities including GL consolidation, sub-accounts, and automatic revenue recognition.

Bill of Materials/Routing

Use this multilevel, dimensional, rules-based system with nonhierarchical feature selections and configuration evaluations on quotes, sales orders, and/or production orders with real-time price and cost rollup.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

 From marketing, quoting, and sales to delivery and support, customer information is easily kept up to date.

Route Planning and Scheduling

Provides a powerful tool for optimizing routes for appointments with the ability to filter appointments by several different criteria. Routes are plotted in Google Maps for each service person with lists of required resources (equipment or machine).

Inventory Management

Create estimates for new or existing items and convert them into bills of materials, production orders, and/or other estimates.


Automate, control, and organize all change requests, plans, and actual changes to a bill of materials. Exercise full control with approvals throughout each step in the process.


Service Management

Track and manage every detail of your field service operations with Service Management. Share best practices, automate manual processes and track service inventory by integrating information, people, and resources.

Equipment Management

Tracks all products related to your customer and schedules preventative maintenance. Sold as a separate application.

Mobile Service Management

Keep your staff members connected through any device with a browser or with the native mobile Android and Apple iOS (iPad) app.

Acumatica Field Service Software

For growing companies like yours

Redefine information sharing. Expand data access to everyone in the company.

Acumatica's flexible pricing model allows your business to continue to grow without the price of your ERP growing with it.

You can ensure that everyone in your company is on the same page by granting roll-based access at no extra cost.

Our "4d Process" is proven to drive results.

Strategies Group Discover

Step 1 - A holistic evaluation of your business and systems.

Strategies Group Design

Step 2 - We configure and customize your software.

Strategies Group Deploy

Step 3 - Your team is trained on your new software.

Strategies Group Deliver

Step 4 - Monitor new software and new growth.