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SGI Support provides personalized focused support for every Acumatica user at your company with email support, live telephone support, screen-sharing capabilities, and product upgrade assistance unavailable elsewhere. As your partner throughout your implementation, Strategies Group understands your unique business needs and provides support accordingly. As your business evolves, our approach will stay current with our annual Business Process Review included in this plan.

Support Plan Features

Technical & Procedural Support

  • Error messages or error conditions
  • Incomplete postings
  • Incomplete or inaccurate report data appearing on standard reports
  • Brief procedural questions on use of the software


Upgrade Assistance

Acumatica has two major releases per year for their software (R1 and R2) that add functionality and fix issues in the software. Under this Support Agreement, Strategies Group will facilitate and assist with one of these updates.


Annual Business Process Review

Our team will lead you through a two-hour Business Process Review (BPR) near the end of your Support Plan Year with the goal of optimizing your Acumatica system and related processes

Acumatica Distribution Software

Additional Services

Prepaid Consulting Hours Option

With a Strategies Group Support contract, you have the option to purchase prepaid blocks of consulting hours at a reduced rate. These hours may be used for smaller projects or consulting work, including but not limited to assistance with system setup and configuration, training, and reports/GIs.

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