Acumatica Summit 2021

Acumatica Summit 2021

This month the Strategies Group Team took a trip to Las Vegas for the 2021 Acumatica Summit. Acumatica Summit is a yearly event where Acumatica employees, partners, customers, and industry analysts come together for a week of motivating keynote presentations, informative product demos, new feature rollouts, training, and discussion. Although Acumatica Summit is usually in January, due to the pandemic summit was postponed until July, and despite the uncertainty around the pandemic, this year’s summit had around 2,500 attendees.

This year there are big updates and collaborations coming to Acumatica. Review the Acumatica Summit 2021 Keynotes below to see some highlights:


Acumatica Summit 2021 Opening Keynote


Acumatica Summit 2021 Keynote 2


Here are the SGI team’s Acumatica Summit 2021 Highlights:

Salina Patel, Marketing Manager: “My favorite update was the Microsoft Teams integration. This integration will allow Acumatica users to access the Teams to start chat and calls through Acumatica itself which goes hand in hand with Acumatica’s mission to drive collaboration among a team!”

John Pezzino, Regional Sales Manager: “The Adobe integration will allow customers to annotate, highlight, and comment on a PDF without leaving Acumatica. Manufacturing Edition updates that were interesting are the visual scheduling as well as the ability to pre-assign lot and serial numbers while in production. I am also looking forward to process manufacturing capabilities coming in 2021 R2! Acumatica Distribution edition the ability to upsell and cross-sell products, as well as paperless picking, will be great features for Acumatica users.”

Rebekah Helton, VP of ERP Solutions: “I echo the Teams and Adobe integration. The ability to customize the “action” menus is great and applies to everyone. For Manufacturing, Visual Scheduling was a great addition. For Distribution, the substitutions/cross-sell/upsell and enhanced warehouse management (paperless picking) were great updates to the product.”

Megan Elwood, Business Development Manager: “This was my first summit, and seeing the Acumatica community come together was electrifying. The Teams integration is incredible and really is another step to connecting all systems into one larger system. Lastly, I thought it was very cool that Acumatica earned Climate Neutral Certification!”

Daniel Collins, VP of Construction Solutions: “Acumatica’s field service improvements are great updates to the system. You will now be able to run a report to determine Profitability by Service Order. You can also now see your revenue versus your costs for any service contract and the associated appointment costs. Appointments and service orders can now be created from the project screen which can even give insight into the service orders and appointments associated with the project on the same screen via a side panel!”

Diana Gomez, Customer Success Manager: “Acumatica making an Apple Watch app is so innovative! It is great to see that Acumatica is leveraging the technology out there in the world.”


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