A Construction CFO’s Guide to Leveraging Technology

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As we bid farewell to another year and welcome the possibilities of a new one, the role of CFOs in the construction industry becomes increasingly pivotal. The year ahead holds promise and opportunities, and setting resolutions to navigate these opportunities can be a catalyst for achieving unparalleled financial success. To help you create technology goals for 2024 we have put together a list of resolutions for the modern construction CFO.

Resolution 1: Embrace Digital Transformation

In the construction landscape, digital transformation isn’t just a buzzword—it’s a necessity. The construction industry The first resolution for CFOs in 2024 is to embrace digital transformation wholeheartedly. Embracing digital transformation involves recognizing the need to move away from traditional, manual processes towards integrated digital solutions like ERPs, project management solutions, digital payment processors, asset tracking solutions, payroll software, etc. It requires a shift in mindset and a commitment to leveraging technology to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and drive growth.

Resolution 2: Streamline Operations with ERPs

ERPs have proven to be a game-changer in the construction sector. From managing complex project finances to integrating supply chain operations, ERPs streamline processes, allowing CFOs to gain real-time insights into financial health and project performance. They offer a centralized platform to manage various aspects of construction finance, including project accounting, procurement, inventory, and payroll. They automate and integrate these processes, providing real-time data and insights, reducing manual errors, and optimizing overall operational efficiency. In fast-growing construction businesses, it’s imperative to start assessing ERPs before tasks start slipping through the cracks.

Resolution 3: Optimize Resource Allocation

A key aspect of a CFO’s role in construction involves resource allocation. My software solutions on the market provide a comprehensive view of resource utilization, enabling CFOs to optimize budgets, allocate funds efficiently, and mitigate risks across various projects. The right solution will help facilitate better resource management by providing visibility into project costs, labor, materials, and equipment. CFOs can analyze data within their solution to allocate resources effectively, identify areas for cost-saving, and make informed decisions to optimize budgets across multiple projects.

Resolution 4: Foster Collaboration and Transparency

In the coming year make sure that you are optimizing communication with other departments. Put the age-old tale of the battle between finance and operations to rest. One of the perennial challenges in construction finance is maintaining transparency across stakeholders. Your technology, specifically your ERP or project management solution, can act as a centralized platform, fostering collaboration between different departments and stakeholders while ensuring data accuracy and transparency. However, these solutions are only beneficial when everyone is using them and the data is discussed. Using tactics like all-hands meetings, teams and slack channels, and monthly check-ins are a good place to ensure collaboration is happening.

Resolution 5: Invest in Scalable and Customizable Solutions

As the industry evolves, so should the tools utilized within it. CFOs should resolve to invest in scalable and customizable software solutions that grow alongside the company’s needs, allowing for tailored solutions that fit the unique demands of the construction business. Construction companies often experience dynamic growth, and cannot afford to change solutions every year. Investing in solutions with longevity in mind is crucial. A system that can adapt and scale alongside the business ensures long-term viability. Customizability allows tailoring the system to specific needs, ensuring it aligns perfectly with the company’s operations. This year, audit your system to ensure that it is made for longevity. If you do not see it taking you into the next decade, it may be time to reassess.

Resolution 6: Continual Learning and Adaptation

The landscape of technology and finance is ever-evolving. Committing to continual learning and staying updated with the latest technology advancements equips CFOs with the knowledge to harness these systems effectively for the company’s benefit. The world of technology is ever-evolving. CFOs should commit to ongoing learning and staying abreast of new features, updates, and best practices related to ERPs. This ensures they leverage the full potential of these systems to drive innovation, efficiency, and better financial outcomes for their construction company.


As CFOs in the construction industry gear up for the challenges and opportunities of the coming year, setting these resolutions centered around leveraging ERPs will pave the way for streamlined operations, enhanced financial control, and ultimately, sustainable growth.

Embracing digital transformation through ERPs isn’t just a resolution—it’s a commitment to empowering construction companies for success in the dynamic landscape of the industry. Learn more about how you can stick to your 2024 technology goals by downloading our construction technology checklist or contacting us.

Here’s to a prosperous and digitally empowered New Year!