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Why Your Construction Business NEEDS Automated Document Management

construction document management

Strong construction document management is necessary to keep your construction business on track and organized. Teams waste time searching for the right document in filing cabinets and drawers. It is time to modernize.

Do you have:

  • A solid accounting process – know what’s coming in, what’s going out, and how much it costs to do business?
  • Happy subs and suppliers that are paid on time and in full?
  • Detailed records that can be tracked, and securely accessed anytime?


If not, then it’s time to digitize your data and automate your document processes. And DocLink can help.


DocLink extends the capabilities of your Acumatica solution so you can automate any document-intensive process in AP, AR, Sales Order, Contracts, HR or any department across your organization.


For example, automating accounts payable can drive 70-80% time savings for AP staff so they can take on more strategic work to help your business grow.


Join us to learn how DocLink helps automate document-intensive processes such as:


  • Accounts Payable – automated hands-free 3-way matching, faster approvals, easier audits
  • Contract Management – version control, electronic signatures
  • Sales Orders/Quote to Cash – capture, documentation delivery


Find out how much more you can do in Acumatica to improve efficiency, visibility, and control of your business processes.


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