Five Reasons Contractors are Thankful for Modern Mobile Cloud ERP

This Thanksgiving let us take the time to appreciate how helpful mobility is to our everyday lives. We can connect in real-time anywhere. In business this is essential. With mobile cloud ERP, users can easily enter, access, and share business information through hand-held mobile devices. This ensures real-time access to data without any significant investment in infrastructure or setup. If that all caught your eye, here are five reasons why contractors and others in the construction industry are thankful for their modern mobile cloud ERP:

1. Less Delays

With average margins of 3%, there isn’t much room for error on any given project which is why avoiding errors in the field is one of the highest priorities for anyone in the construction industry. Even though your business can’t predict the weather or cut red tape around permitting and licensing, with a mobile cloud solution, your managers can use mobile delivery apps to organize and sync your operational activities.

With ability to monitor multiple job sites and see real-time information through mobile technology, you can reduce incidents and project delays. By surveying this information, your construction schedule can remain on the right track because you are able to see issues that might otherwise hold your projects back.

2. Real Time Collaboration

Before project stakeholders were inefficient and misaligned because of paper-based processes (like timesheets and project tasks) that were completed in the office. Paper-based processes, email or outdated software don’t allow the most current data and real time updates to get to your team in a timely manner.

Now with cloud-based applications, information can be streamlined between teams in and out of the office. Modern construction technologies are helping the construction industry use real-time, automated data collection so the whole team is looking at accurate and current data. Today, when you make changes in the mobile app to items like RFIs, project issues, and timecards, they are updated and synced in the Cloud ERP automatically. When everyone has access to the same information at the same time, this reduces delays and ensures that important issues will be addressed immediately.

3. Increased Accountability

Without a way for field workers and the back office to communicate in real-time, tracking progress relied on field workers coming in at the end of the day to do their paperwork. This caused a huge lack of accountability.

With mobile technology, project managers can track time spent on-site and keep better timecards. Real-time updates and notifications entered on smart phones, tablets, or PCs can instantly feed into the back-office accounting system. Employees can capture expenses on smart phones and route it to their supervisor for approval and the finance staff can review and approve data accordingly.

4. Data Accuracy

The worst experiences on a jobsite are due to data inaccuracy. Companies that use mobile cloud ERP have shown dramatic improvements in data accuracy. Employees can enter data quickly and share it with everyone in the organization. Mobility can diminish or eliminate mistakes that ultimately cost your company money by reducing the need for redundant data entry.

5. Increased Visibility

Unlike paper forms, mobile apps allow you to tailor your documentation and create reports in the field. With mobile ERP, you can track your business processes across departments and locations from your cell phone or tablet. This allows you to anticipate demands and plan business processes accordingly. Your app will gather valuable data from different points and provide real-time updates to keep everyone knowledgeable about what is happening.

A cloud-based mobile ERP platform ensures that no matter your location, data entered through your device can be seen and reported throughout your organization and everyone can respond accordingly in a timely manner. Strategies Group would love to help you find the right mobile cloud solution for your construction business.

We at Strategies Group wish you and your team a blessed and Happy Thanksgiving!

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