How Construction Firms Use LinkedIn to Take Networking to the Next Level

See how construction firms use LinkedIn to take networking to the next level!Networking for construction firms has historically been a process of repeating what has worked well in the past. Many contractors rely on the tactics with proven return on investment (ROI):  Attending or exhibiting at conferences and networking events, company listings in industry catalogs, sponsoring golf tournaments, and more. These are all great networking opportunities, but ask yourself – are you missing out on another ROI friendly networking opportunity? This blog is going to introduce how construction firms use LinkedIn to take their networking to the next level.

Why LinkedIn Should be Your Social Network of Choice

If you must choose only one social network to actively participate in, LinkedIn is the clear-cut winner. With over 500 million users, LinkedIn is the defacto social media network for professionals. Out of these 500 million users, over 40% of LinkedIn members are manager level and above, with more than 25% listed as senior executives. If you are looking for one place to connect directly to decision makers, LinkedIn is your social network of choice!

Ready for one more statistic? There are over 300,000 construction firms listed on LinkedIn. So if you aren’t actively networking on LinkedIn, your competition certainly is!

Tips for Networking on LinkedIn

Build a profile to impress | Before you can begin developing a LinkedIn network, you need a well-developed profile for potential connections to know whom they are connecting to. We’ve all heard the saying that first impressions matter, and on LinkedIn your profile is your chance for a positive first impression! Tips for a well-developed profile include:

  • Professional profile photo – Keep your profile professional and convey authority with a high-quality professional photo
  • LinkedIn endorsements – Skill endorsements provide potential connections with the confidence that you are established within the industry
  • Focus on relevant keywords – You want your profile to be seen. Including relevant keywords to your profession will help your profile rank in search results.
  • Make sure your profile is public – You want to make sure your profile is public for networking purposes. To make your profile public follow these steps:

Connections are the name of the game | LinkedIn is powered through connections. The more people you are connected to, the more potential connections will become available to you. If you are just starting out on LinkedIn begin with connecting to your colleagues, people you have done business with and various thought leaders throughout the construction industry.

Create a company page | If you do not already have a LinkedIn page for your company you need to create one ASAP. Company pages are one of the main ways how construction firms use LinkedIn to network. A LinkedIn company page will allow your firm to showcase your entire company, not just a single employee. I like to think of company pages as an extension of your website. Additionally, LinkedIn company pages allow you to:

  • Share important company news
  • Showcase your specialties and services
  • Highlight customers you have done business with
  • Receive alerts when someone mentions your company
  • Measure important statistics regarding the effectiveness of your LinkedIn posts

Participate in LinkedIn groups | One of the best ways to use LinkedIn to generate new leads for your business is to actively participate in LinkedIn groups. Doing so allows you to demonstrate your expertise and thought leadership. However, it is important to remember that groups are not the place to peddle a service or offering. Keep your interactions focused around providing insight and relevant information.

Learn More About How Construction Firms Use LinkedIn

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