Outdated Construction Software Solutions are Crippling Your Revenue

Just say no to legacy construction software solutions!

Sadly, the state of construction software solutions – until recently – has been an embarrassment. For the past 10 years, traditional construction software vendors have avoided providing a defined product roadmap to their customers.

As an organization, these vendors fear the idea of providing their customers with a long-term picture of the product’s future: Doing so means making a commitment to their customers…. Something no legacy construction software vendor wants to do.

After a decade of working in the AEC space I am no longer surprised to hear the following things from owners, end-users and key stakeholders:

• “I just got my bill increasing my annual support and maintenance, remind me again what I get for this? Some vendors have said they can replace my entire system for what I am paying in just support and maintenance costs…”

• “I don’t feel like they are reinvesting in us, as users. I wonder if they really know how our organization works and the challenges we face?”

• “So, explain to me again how this software will save my construction firm money?”

Construction Software Solutions are Milking Your Pockets

Traditional construction software vendors are being pressured by their investment partners to devote their resources to sales and marketing – not product development. Their intention is to grab up as much of the market as possible, keep these customers around for long enough to fund a new solution offering, and then turn around and sell the new solution offering back to their customer base. Imagine paying to lease a Ferrari, but only receiving a broken-down Yugo…

Rather than relying on innovation and value to build their business, these publishers rely on their brand recognition from decades of working in the construction market. In my opinion, once a software vendor relies upon their name recognition vs. their value proposition, I know that the vendor belongs in a museum; not as part of my long-term growth plan.

Bottom line, construction software vendors have buried their collective “heads in the sand” and are not willing to accept the brutal reality that selling overly complex solutions, software licenses and milking recurring revenue is a dead business model for the AEC market.

That’s why we are doing something about it…

We Partner with Construction Firms, NOT Construction Software Vendors

As part of our company ethos, we are committed to helping construction firms find the best solutions for their unique situation. Your firm makes a commitment to the built-world every day and that’s why we are making a commitment back to you.

Join us on October 10th as our panel of experts discuss the total cost of ownership construction firms face with maintaining outdated construction software solutions.

Join the construction tech panel on September 12th!

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