NFL Redzone vs. Construction ERP Dashboards

An Overview:

On an NFL Sunday, about 15 games are spread across several TV networks and geographic markets. At any given time, up to 9 games can air. Even with 9 TVs, it’s impossible to closely follow every game. Similarly, a business owner with several employees each with a portfolio of construction projects and unique responsibilities cannot pay attention to all steps of each project. A manager needs a high-level overview of the key metrics of all his/her jobs to ensure the business is profitable.

In 2009, the NFL introduced NFL RedZone, a TV channel that provides simulcast coverage of in-progress games on NFL Sunday. In the fast-paced world of sports, NFL RedZone has become synonymous with keeping fans on the edge of their seats as they switch between games and alert viewers to critical moments. In the business realm, Construction ERP systems like Acumatica offer a similar experience, but instead of touchdowns and field goals, they focus on metrics and departments.

In honor of the 2023 football season, we’ll draw parallels between NFL RedZone and Construction ERP dashboards, equating NFL RedZone alerts to crucial metrics and NFL teams to different departments within a company. Let’s dive into this exciting comparison that showcases how both are making people’s lives a little easier.


Games vs. Projects:

In NFL RedZone, each game is covered, and viewers have insight into all games being televised. Similarly, projects are the core of a construction company’s operations and dashboards allow users to have a high-level overview of the company’s project. Each project has its own unique challenges and objectives, much like each NFL game has its storyline and strategies. Tracking the progress of projects on an ERP dashboard is comparable to following the ebb and flow of football games on NFL RedZone.


The RedZone Alerts vs. Key Metrics:

Just as NFL RedZone keeps football fans updated on crucial moments, Construction ERP dashboards keep businesses informed about key metrics. The “RedZone” of a construction ERP system is akin to highlighting metrics that require immediate attention. For example, low inventory levels, project delays, or budget overruns can all trigger alerts, much like a team in scoring range triggers excitement in a football game. When your dashboard is signaling a department is fumbling, you’re able to adapt quickly. The alert allows an owner/manager to take immediate action.


Scoring vs. Success Metrics:

In the NFL, touchdowns and field goals are the primary scoring mechanisms. In the business world, success is measured by metrics like revenue, profit margins, and customer satisfaction. Construction ERP dashboards help companies keep track of these success metrics, just as NFL RedZone keeps fans updated on scores and game-changing plays. In the workplace, if owners can see these metrics, they can reward the teams performing effectively, and continue to strengthen the strategies and “plays” driving the business forward.



While NFL RedZone and Construction ERP dashboards operate in entirely different arenas, the parallels between them are striking. Both provide real-time updates, highlight critical moments, and rely on teamwork and strategy. In the business world, just as in football, success depends on staying in the “RedZone” and making informed decisions. By drawing these comparisons, we can better appreciate how technology helps businesses navigate their playing field and score touchdowns of their own.


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