Six Ways Manufacturers Benefit from Cloud Based ERP Software

Manufacturing companies are increasingly focused on productivity. The goal of the modern manufacturing business is to streamlining processes in order to drive profits, increase margins and deliver high quality products to customers promptly. An enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is the answer to this goal. ERP technology integrates every facet of your business to enable businesses to operate efficiently by maintaining a single database.

ERP solutions help companies in several industries improve efficiency and increase profitability. Our clients and businesses around the country have benefit greatly from implementing ERP software over the years. Here are just a few benefits of implementing an ERP software for your business:

1. Simplifies Compliance

Digital systems are safer and increase confidentiality more than the paper-based methods of the past. With an ERP software, tracking is made easy with paperless systems that build processes that help with on-time delivery, internal quality, supplier performance, and returns. Because these paperless systems are cloud-based, revisions can be recovered, and new revisions and approvals can be made quickly.

2. Removes silos in your financial operations

When your system is disjointed, it creates silos within your company that hinder productivity. ERP solutions streamline processes to make data available in a centralized location to allow complete visibility and put an end to silos.

For example, many manufactures are both a customer and a supplier and often if you do not have the proper systems in place these two sides of the business cannot communicate accurately. That’s why it is so important to look for an ERP system that manages all sides of your business and integrates seamlessly with other systems you may already have in place.

3. Improves quality control

Cloud-based paperless ERP systems leave little room for human error. All practices are tracked within the system, so managers to trace mistakes and improve overall performance. In addition, the software can respond automatically to highlight mistakes to help maintain quality control.

4. Increase output and lowers costs

ERP software helps manufacturing companies reduce their overall operational costs by replacing time consuming processes with automated streamlined processes. Job-costing and company-wide data facilitate tracking benchmark run-times to tackle inefficiencies, which results in improved management of your business.

In addition, improved organizational visibility helps management save in many ways—particularly by increasing employee productivity. Cloud based ERP solutions reduce labor expenses while enhancing accuracy and lowering errors that lead to losses.

5. Streamlines communication and boosts productivity

Team members can share files and access revisions in real-time. Detailed reports about everything from jobs to work cells to the company can be accessed at any time from any device. Notes and work instructions allow your employees to train while on the job which can lead to more a competent and efficient workforce. All of these features your company to communicate effectively and ensure productivity is at its peak.

6. Enhances customer satisfaction

Precise production planning, improved inventory control, simplified scheduling, and coordination between channels allow for manufacturers to improve their delivery of products. Customers are given a realistic view of delivery time and therefore receive on time delivery. Cloud based ERP solutions offer real time data so decision makers, no matter where they are, can monitor inventory levels to ensure orders can be fulfilled.

ERP is crucial for the success of manufacturing businesses

Selecting and implementing an ERP software may be overwhelming especially if your business uses multiple different applications, but with the right partner and the right system your organization will flourish. If you are considering implementing a manufacturing ERP solution, contact us today so we can find you a solution that fits your business’s unique needs.

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