The Power of the Integrated CRM System

For small and midsized businesses (SMBs), the challenge of choosing an affordable CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution that supports their goals of keeping existing customers and attracting new ones – while also growing revenue – is no small feat. The task, however, isn’t limited to just evaluating CRM software – Savvy business owners seek out an integrated CRM system that is designed to work with financials “out of the box”.

In a recent SMB Group study, Integrated Business Solutions: Helping SMBs Keep Pace with Customers, the analysts address this exact issue. “Integration is essential to helping SMBs reap the full business process value of new applications—and to gain a unified, consistent view of the company. Having integrated customer data—across CRM and financials systems—helps SMBs do more with less.”

Create a better customer experience by combining your customer data in an integrated crm system

Keep Customers Happy & Grow Revenue with an Integrated CRM System

Integrating your CRM system with your ERP data allows you to manage your customer information from a consolidated, single location providing users with a 360-degree, real-time view.

Combining CRM data with your back-office financial data empowers your entire team from sales to customer service with customer-centric, analytical, data.

Integrated ERP and CRM, such Acumatica CRM, provides users with a positive, user-friendly experience and many other benefits including:
• Consistent, modern look and feel across all applications due to the single user interface (UI)
• Integrated financials, marketing, sales and service
• Complete data sharing between the two systems allowing the customer’s journey to be documented from the beginning to end along with eliminating duplicate data entry tasks
• Employees and customers receive real-time information at the push of a button; service reps can quickly and efficiently provide status, inventory levels, shipments, order history, and more while customers have access to their own Customer Self-Service Portal
• Sales managers receive a 360-degree view into the customer lifecycle and the sales process along with improved analytics and the ability to detect trends (and more), all in real time

… And to think with all of these benefits, some business owners still rely on excel or Outlook contacts to serve as their CRM system…
Keeping pace with proactive measures

Will an integrated CRM system help you keep pace with your customers?

It’s critical to have the ability to respond rapidly to customers’ requests throughout the sales cycle – from the initial contact, through sales and fulfillment, billing, and after-sale service requests. Check out this study from SMB Group to see how a single-source, integrated CRM system provides a clear and accurate picture of every transaction will not only provide exceptional customer service but also drive your business to the next level.

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