What’s new in R2: A recap of the Atlanta Acumatica R2 Roadshow

Acumatica takes pride in ensuring that their product solves more and more business issues for their clients by releasing two major releases each year.  Much of the enhancements are inspired by Acumatica’s users and business partners through feedback given at www.feedback.acumatica.com.
Acumatica has been traveling across the country to 10 US cities to roll out the 2019 R2 release to clients, business partners and industry analysts.
Today, the roadshow covered the benefits and functionality of Acumatica 2019 R2 as well as how the customers feel about their user experience and their journey transitioning from their legacy software to Acumatica.
Brief Summary of the 2019 R2 Features:

  • Platform:
    • mobile text notifications (SMS) for business events and dashboard enhancements
    • Pivot table widget allows pivot tables to be displayed on dashboards so users can quickly summarize large quantities of data
  • Usability:
    • Conditional formatting that adapts the style of dashboard rows and columns to support formulas
    • Field enhancements for mobile devices
    • Autogenerating expense report receipts from images
    • Simplified company/branch selector
  • Financials:
    • corporate credit card support as well as simplified Approval of AR invoices
    • credit and debit memos
  • Project Accounting:
    • Detail level of the project budget along with project budget forecasts
  • Inventory and order management:
    • Warehouse management system batch picking
    • Ability to change the vendor in purchase orders
  • Manufacturing:
    • Enhanced Engineering Change Control (ECC)
    • Streamlining multiple change requests by grouping them optionally for approval process
    • Bill of Materials has enhanced visualization tools and reports that improve usability
    • Material Requirements Planning has improved forecasting and expectation handling
  • Construction:
    • Tracking of daily field reports so all stakeholders have access to timely information
    • Two-tier change management capabilities to effectively manage change workflow
    • Lien waiver functionality has been enhanced to avoid accidental or premature vendor payments

Although the features were the star of the show, attendees were also able to hear about Acumatica’s user experience on the Acumatica platform. Clyde Comelius at Tool Pro and Chip Hooks at Berthold Technologies were members of the panel who discussed their experience in depth.
When describing his view of what makes Acumatica stand out, Comelius said, “Acumatica is very good about being transparent with their capabilities.”   This corporate value is so important in the ERP business.
The main takeaway from the event was from Hooks when he said, “Once my team got on [Acumatica] and used it, they loved it. They don’t want to go back to their old system.” This proved that once companies give Acumatica a chance it is unlikely it will disappoint.
To learn more about Acumatica 2019 R2 request a demo today!

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