Where is Your Annual Software Maintenance Investment Really Going?

Many software vendors consider it a bad investment to invest new money to increase the functionality of an older software product based on outdated technology.  So instead, they invest your software maintenance and support dollars into the next product they plan to release.  It’s like buying a condo and paying an association fee each year only to find out they aren’t maintaining your property, but instead investing your hard-earned money in a new condo development that they hope to SELL you a new unit in one day.

The “investment” you are making into your legacy software is often going into creating or buying new software platforms that your legacy software vendor is going to eventually make you buy and implement.  

The table below makes a real-life comparison of Acumatica’s latest release (one of 2 releases in 2020) to the latest maintenance release of legacy software (only one release in 2020) that many of you still own.   This comparison shows the complete list of software enhancements and updates for their 2020 release and only one of Acumatica’s releases. 

Software maintenance

It’s time to invest your technology dollars with a software partner that continually improves their product to make YOUR business more efficient and more profitable.  If you would like to see why Acumatica is the fastest growing cloud ERP software, you can get a glimpse by reading the full Acumatica 2020 R2 release.