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Live Field Data, All in One App

Connect your resources in ONE MODERN PLATFORM. With WorkMax, you capture accurate data in real-time and use it to make better decisions faster. Your teams, things, projects and customers will thank you.

WorkMax for Acumatica

Instantly Reduce Labor Costs

Construction's Number One Platform For Mobile Project Cost Management

Workmax empowers owners, epcm's, and contractors with complete visibility across Productivity, Progress, Time, Compliance, Safety, Assets, and MORE.

Utilize our Time, Forms, Assets, and Insight modules to track mobile resources and manage project costs accurately.

Log Time from anywhere

WorkMax Time

Easy to use employee time tracking with the power to track the entire workforce.  Live field data enables accurate paychecks, invoices, progress, productivity, and true job cost analysis.  Real-time data eliminates errors while completing billing and payroll in a fraction of the time.

GPS Location

Ensure your mobile workforce is in the right place, at the right time. When employees punch IN, change TASKS and punch OUT, WorkMax TIME captures GPS location. You can set up WorkMax to compare your custom Geo-fences along with time stamps to alert you if employees have punched IN, changed TASKS, or punched OUT outside of your Geo-Fence.

Facial Recognition

Eliminate "Buddy-Punching" by using our patented facial technology. As employees clock IN, change TASKS, and punch OUT, their face recognition picture will be captured along with their time stamp. WorkMax then auto-scans photos with our intelligent face-matching technology to find and flag any suspect time records. WorkMax TIME Face Recognition can also be turned on or off for each employee.

Permission Profiles

WorkMax’s unique permission profiles mirror the accounting system’s job cost and organizational structure to show employees only relevant jobs/projects and cost codes/tasks to quickly and accurately track job costs.

Forms on any device

WorkMax Forms

WorkMax FORMS makes it easy to know what’s going on in the field without being
there. Easily capture daily logs, safety forms, change orders, and more with WorkMax FORMS. WorkMax FORMS uses photos, sketches, photos with mark up, and videos to clearly communicate what’s happening on your projects.

When you combine WorkMax TIME with WorkMax FORMS, you can require your
employees to fill out a form before they Clock OUT or after they Clock IN to get the
critical business information you need faster and more accurately than ever before.
Apply form-specific choices, context, tables, conditions and amazing logic to your
mobile forms. This helps route information and guide end-users based on your specific business needs. You can even trigger new forms based on responses.

Two Products: Working Together

WorkMax Assets

WorkMax ASSETS is much more than just a better spreadsheet. It automates asset tracking and management across a business’ entire workforce anytime, anywhere, and on any device to reduce asset loss, optimize asset utilization, and accurately assign assets.

WorkMax ASSETS simplifies asset management, inventory tracking, and asset
utilization and allows you to assign assets to locations, employees, and projects.
Daily usage of assets per location and or the assignment of assets to or from
employees or locations can be managed all in one app.



WorkMax Insight

INSIGHT is Jet-Fuel for the WorkMax platform. It provides visual business intelligence at its best.  Business managers, executives, supervisors, and key stakeholders LOVE using INSIGHT for complete visibility across their mobile operations.

Productivity in Real-Time
Track true project productivity and actual progress as it happens. With WorkMax productivity you will know exactly where your project stands, how it is trending and most of all you will know what you need to accomplish in order to stay on target and on budget.

Project Cost Management
Streamline project cost management for your mobile workforce. Your teams can instantly see right from a mobile device, exactly where they are on a project, job and even task. Predictive metrics such as current pace, pace needed, or how a job is trending, will empower your workforce with the best tools to mitigate risk and maximize project profits.

Game-Changing Visibility
Your mobile workforce will have the most up-to-date information possible, giving them the ability to quickly drill down beyond the project, all the way to the task or cost-code level in order to manage and pivot labor resources when needed, ensuring budgeted man hours and units are met with actuals.