Acumatica, Hands Down the Best Wholesale Distribution Software

Acumatica, is hands down, the best Wholesale Distribution Software solution on the market. Don’t take our word for it, listen to what real customers have to say:


Why are Distributors selecting Acumatica as their distribution management system? Simple, distributors recognize the benefits of Acumatica’s all-inclusive functionality and robust business intelligence, eCommerce, mobility, pricing, and shipping features.

Here are our 6 reasons Acumatica is hands down the best wholesale distribution software:

See why Acumatica is hands down the best warehouse distribution software!Business Intelligence
Manufacturing is more than what happens in your facilities. Consider the suppliers and transportation networks providing the materials you use, and the distributors, retailers, and customers that use the products and create the demand that you fulfill. In Aberdeen’s Manufacturing Operations Benchmark Study**, manufacturers were asked to select their top strategies. The results:

Acumatica’s distribution management suite provides accurate, company-wide inventory data that lets you create proactive, responsive replenishment operations and minimize inventory costs. To stay competitive, distributors need to know:

  • The true availability and cost of the inventory from requisition through shipping
  • On-hand balance in each warehouse and location – in real time
  • Data and analytics on product movement, sales trends, current inventories, and markets
  • Accurate replenishment and distribution management planning
  • Detailed information on lot/serial numbers, shelf life, and expiration

Mobility & Omnichannel
“Omnichannel” support provides the flexibility to support direct customer ordering, distributors, and B2B with a similar customer experience, whether the individual contacts you through desktop browsers, mobile devices, brick-and-mortar stores, or catalog sales. Customers may access your site from multiple locations, at various times and from different devices, while coordinating with other decision-makers during their process of research, comparison, and ordering the products they plan to purchase.

Wholesale Distributors offer multiple prices for the same item based on the quantity of units, completion timeframe, and other discounts. Finding distribution software that gives Distributors the pricing freedom they need is a critical component in their decision- making process. Acumatica is specifically designed with a powerful pricing algorithm; customer specific pricing is simple enough for small business and broad enough for intricate multi-national corporations. Acumatica offers Distributors the pricing flexibility they need.

When shipments are not properly organized, Wholesale Distributors know the resulting consequences can be catastrophic, which is why Wholesale Distributors make accuracy one of their utmost priorities. By cross-referencing with multiple item identifications by individual suppliers and your system, Acumatica is able to improve overall shipping accuracy.

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