The Problem with Construction Software

Legacy construction software can be costly and inefficient. The ongoing reluctance in the construction industry to adopting new technologies and eliminating data silos has led to serious and systemic issues such as poor productivity and cost overruns to be viewed as “normal” within the construction industry.

problem with construction software

Overcoming Problems with Construction Software

In early 2014, as majority owner of Strategies Group, I made the decision to review other products available in the construction marketplace to see if we could better serve our clients by offering a modern construction software option. Simply put, I knew there were technological advances that were taking place that Sage and other legacy software vendors were either unwilling or unable to take advantage of in the construction software space. I spent 18 months researching the different options in the market and some potential players.

In January of 2018, the construction software market was changed dramatically with the announcement that one of the most technologically advanced, platformed based software companies in the world had developed a construction industry-specific product. Acumatica, a company that we have represented on the more traditional ERP (Manufacturing/Distribution/eCommerce) side of our business had changed the game. They are truly a technology company with some 73% of their employees dedicated to product research and development. The construction product was spearheaded by a group of industry experts who came from the Timberline heritage. They KNOW CONSTRUCTION and Acumatica KNOWS SOFTWARE.

Learn more about how the combination of the two resulted in an initial offering that anyone looking to solve their problem with construction software needs to consider.

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