Find Your Trusted Cloud Computing Consultant / Advisor

Do you have a trusted cloud computing consultant?Do you keep delaying your transition to the cloud? You keep paying maintenance and other costs for an outdated system – it is time to put a stop to the madness! But where do you begin your journey to the cloud? Join millions of other businesses that have partnered with a cloud computing consultant to help you implement the right technology for your organization.

Plan for Success with a Cloud Computing Consultant

You know you need to move your critical business systems off of ancient on-premise technology – you just don’t know where to get started.  No problem! The Strategies Group Team can help assist you to select the optimal solution for your growing firm. Our team members are experts in the technology and understand the requirements. Don’t get locked into a solution until you understand the long-term impact on your firm.

Strategies Group has a proven methodology to help guide you through your Cloud ERP migration:

  • Discover – The Strategies Group team works with key stakeholders to form an ERP implementation team. A kickoff meeting is scheduled to review the project plan and communicate the company objectives for the project. In this phase, Strategies Group consultants review the current process, design/configure/setup new processes, and work with key stakeholders to define the scope, migration strategy and desired schedule.
  • Design– Strategies Group consultants assist the implementation team in designing, configuring and setting up the new system and business processes. Consultants work with key stakeholders to determine the data quality in the existing system to increase the success of the data conversion to the new system.
  • Deploy– In this phase, the Strategies Group team delivers the new system to the customer implementation team and continues to educate the implementation team on the new system and the capabilities of the system. Strategies Group and the implementation team work together to identify issues and process adjustments as needed.
  • Deliver–The Strategies Group team supports the client in the use of their new system. The Strategies Group team is available for ongoing support and training, and are scheduled on-site to support the go-live process for the new system.

Go Beyond a Cloud Computing Consultant and Build the Perfect ERP Project Team

Download this free guide as a building block as you start to build your cloud ERP project team. Like any project, your ERP implementation is going to take a group effort. If you don’t plan appropriately you will find yourself herding cats.