What is the cloud and how does it benefit your firm? Find out!Do you ever find yourself asking, 'What is the Cloud?' Don’t get caught up with buzzwords and the web of confusion surrounding the cloud. In order to achieve success in shifting your processes and programs to the cloud, it is critical to understand how the technology will allow for the best results. This blog will help you demystify the benefits of a cloud solution for your business.

The ‘Cloud’ Simplified

What is the Cloud: The ‘cloud’ is a network of computers used to store and process information, rather than a single machine. Leading cloud providers are able to provide better infrastructure and security than on-premise systems. This combination of cost savings and efficiency help make the cloud popular from SMB to Enterprise level IT managers focused on managing stable systems across the organization.

Benefits of the cloud include:

Reduced Costs – Dynamic deployment of the cloud allows IT Managers to deploy the proper resources to employees based on the organization’s needs
Disaster Protection – Your business data is the lifeblood of your organization. Avoid disaster with disaster recovery in the cloud – a strategy that involves storing and maintaining copies of electronic records in the cloud.
Secure Data – Keeping up with the latest security protocols and technologies is a lot of work for an IT department. Cloud providers take a proactive approach to system security. Security is supreme in cloud computing – it is a top-tier consideration at every level.
Mobile Access – Get access to your data anywhere, anytime from any device with the power of the cloud. This virtual collaboration will help connect your teams across the world.

Download the Guide: Benefits of the Cloud for Your Company.

There are many variables and hurdles that you will encounter on your journey to the cloud. See how our team of cloud expert’s affinity with industry-specific solutions can help you meet your technology needs.

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