Clubhouse for the Built World


As Built World companies you might think there is no need to waste time on social media, the things we create speak for themselves. Often, this can be the case; however, as your competition increases and the world is becoming more and more globalized your business must be in tuned with new ways of developing business, marketing, and growing.

The newest business trend is Clubhouse. Clubhouse is a new social media app that has been gaining influence since the app launched in 2020. While many see the app as a fad, others believe that it’s a revolutionary concept.

What you need to know:

Clubhouse is a social networking app that allows people to gather in audio chatrooms to discuss various topics. From dating to construction to politics to supply chain there is a Clubhouse room about everything under the sun.

“When users enter the app, they can choose between different virtual ‘rooms’ to enter,” described The Today Show. “When a user enters a room, the audio automatically turns on. The creator of a room decides who can speak and interested users can raise their hands to join the discussion.”

This setup makes a Clubhouse room like a tradeshow panel discussion or a live interactive podcast. You can intimately connect with other professionals interested in the same topics as you, work in the same industries as you, and want to do business with you.

How Businesses are using Clubhouse:

Clubhouse offers you the opportunity to connect with others in your industry and network with professionals. Since the pandemic has limited tradeshows and trade organization events, Clubhouse has been used by many to fill the gap. Professionals have been using Clubhouse as a free way to set up panel discussions that reach a local, national, or global audience. Others have been creating networking rooms to interact with their industry peers on a more intimate level.

Clubhouse allows you to humanize your business. In construction and manufacturing, your creations often guide the conversation, but personal relationships are a strong part of the industry. The app allows you to develop a low-stress online relationship that feels personal through the voice-note aspect. This gives users a higher chance to develop offline relationships than networks like LinkedIn.

Clubhouse Rooms in the Built World

Construction companies have leveraged the app by creating rooms like Women in Construction Round Table, Next Generation in Construction, Employee Safety, Marketing and Business Development for Construction, and Finding Profitable Construction Jobs.

Manufacturing and Distribution topics include Vendor/Dealer Partnerships, Discrete Manufacturing in the United States, What’s New in Supply Chain, and How to Distribute Sustainably.


Whether it is just a fad or here to stay, Clubhouse has a real return on time invested. You can develop It is a place where you can develop personal and meaningful relationships from the comfort of your own home without a large price tag.