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Nowadays it seems like everyone has a podcast—your unemployed cousin, your mailman, your favorite movie star—everyone has a podcast. It can be hard to drown out the noise from podcasts that have the real and applicable information. Here are a few construction podcasts that we love that you might love too!


  1. The Construction Brothers Podcast

The Construction Brothers Podcast is hosted by Eddie and Tyler Campbell. They are 6th generation builders who explore ideas weekly on their podcast. The brothers interview industry leaders, influencers, and service providers to get a 360 view of the construction industry. They cover such a wide range of topics including construction news, tips, technology, and much more from a truly modern lens.


  1. The Space to Build Podcast

The Space to Build Podcast is a newer podcast hosted by Kathryn Hart. This podcast highlights the role of women in construction. This pick is a must-listen for the ladies in the industry and men who would strive to build more opportunities for women in the AEC industry. The Space to Build Podcast is on its second season and is focusing this season on Building Confidence and Community to Elevate your career.


  1. The Mobile Workforce Podcast

The Mobile Workforce Podcast is a newer podcast by WorkMax Technologies hosted by Mike Merrill. This weekly podcast is centered around conversations with experts that have been where you are and have made it to the other side. Guests share their experiences to inspire change, challenge the status quo and share what it takes to travel the road to profitability while managing a remote workforce.


It’s hard to limit this list to just three construction podcasts when there are so many out there, but these are our three favorites. All the hosts have such unique perspectives on construction and the future of the industry. We hope you love these podcasts as much as we do.

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