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Making More on the Jobs You Get: Maximize Your Construction Profitability


Construction companies are in business to do two things: build things and make a profit. Why are many of us experts at accomplishing the first goal, but struggle at the second?

As you know, the construction industry often has razor-thin margins, and these margins continue to get thinner as competition and firm consolidation increase. However, a successful subcontractor works to widen the margin, not by compromising the integrity of the work done, but by leveraging accurate data to know their business inside and out.

Strategies Group and American Subcontractors Association of Georgia have come together to make our webinar Making More on The Jobs You Get: Maximize Your Construction Profitability on-demand.

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Presented by: 

Pat Chappell, Senior Enterprise Sales Representative at Strategies Group

Since graduating from Clemson University in 1975, Pat has focused on helping architects, engineers, developers, and construction companies select and implement estimating project/equipment/service management and financial accounting solutions.

Megan Elwood, Business Development Manager at Strategies Group

Megan is Strategies Group’s Business Development Manager and is a member of many state and industry organizations including the Georgia Manufacturing Alliance, Construction Financial Management Association, Women in Manufacturing, and Associated Builders and Contractors.