7 Ways Construction HR Tools Improve Your Talent Management

construction hr toolsAs the labor shortage in the construction industry continues to grow with job openings at a 10-year high, companies are looking for the best construction HR tools to help them recruit and retain staff. While recruiting is a crucial component, there are many factors involved in an effective construction talent management program. It’s important to find solutions that address the entire employee lifecycle from recruitment to retention. It’s also critical to look for the most advanced technology customized for the industry. Are you deploying a solution with the following functionality?

7 Features Your Construction HR Tools Must Include

Recruiting | Construction firms need an advanced recruiting tool that allows them to improve the quantity and quality of candidates. Look for a solution that offers an easy-to-follow systematic process. The software should be simple for the applicant to navigate and easy for the recruiter to manage. A good recruiting solution should also reduce hiring risks and ensure legal compliance.

Onboarding | Once an employee is hired, it’s important to get them up to speed as fast as possible. Today’s advanced solutions cut onboarding time and streamline the process. Look for simple, intuitive workflows that are easy-to-understand that can also be modified as needed.

Performance | An often-overlooked component is setting clear individual goals for performance. The best construction HR tools help create an environment of accountability by setting individual goals for employees and also tracking company performance. Aligning goals with the company strategy improves overall productivity and builds a sense of teamwork.

Training | As Zig Ziglar said, “The only thing worse than training employees and losing them is to not train them and keep them.” A module that helps organize training and education is important. The most advanced solutions allow companies to fill skill gaps for employees and also leverage information to improve productivity and business processes. Some systems offer searchable course offerings and organize all learning activities into one simple platform.

Collaboration | Cloud-based construction HR tools make it easy centralize documentation and share them with a team. Improved communication streamlines processes and enhances collaboration. Advanced solutions also make it easy to share best practices and answer questions for other team members improving employee engagement and team performance.

Succession | It is also important to have a plan for attrition. Advanced HR solutions help companies identify employees for growth opportunities and develop a list of skills needed to keep the company moving forward. Having a database of current employees and the future talent bench helps companies stay nimble and adapt to change.

Special Situations | Many companies in the construction field work in compliance-heavy areas with high-risk factors. It’s important to find an HR solution that address the unique situations to ensure compliance.

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