Covid 19 and the Rise of Telecommuting

Before the onset of the current Corona virus (COVID-19) pandemic, many businesses had considered a telecommuting or work from home arrangement for their employees. Many businesses have embraced working from home as way to INCREASE productivity (as studies have indicated), as well as decrease overhead costs, and reduce employee turnover. Others have dismissed it as another annoying millennial distraction, or just not important enough to consider or act on.

This pandemic has already had a dramatic impact on business and commerce. Many businesses have asked their employees to work from home for their safety, and to comply with the current recommendations of the CDC, World Health Organization (WHO), and National and Local Government officials. Stores are limiting hours or shutting down altogether. Hopefully, this pandemic ends sooner, rather than later, and an economic recovery begins very swiftly. However, it will most certainly have changed the way we look at how we run our businesses in the months and years ahead.

Those that have already embraced modern cloud technology and mobile devices as their business operations platform are already well suited to the work from home arrangement. Those that rely on older “on-premise”, desktop infrastructures are in a much less desirable position to pivot quickly to a work from home strategy. For those in the latter, perhaps now is a good time to consider updating your infrastructure to be nimbler in adopting a work from home strategy in the future, when business conditions demand it.

Built for the web and accessible anytime, anywhere, on any device, Acumatica ERP is uniquely suited to perform for your business in a time of business disruption like a natural disaster, or like the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Our solution is a cloud-based system, hosted on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud. The same cloud infrastructure that Netflix, Facebook, LinkedIn, ESPN, and many others depend on to run their businesses without interruption could be helping to run yours.

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