On-Premise vs Cloud-Based Solutions

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is the idea of using the internet to connect to a shared tool. Instead of working from a local, on-premise server, the cloud utilizes a remote network on the internet and can host an entire company’s pool of resources.

Cloud computing represents one of the most significant shifts in computing and software technology in years. Like all new waves of technology, there is some hesitation from consumers on whether the benefits of the new solution warrant making a change.

Cloud Computing Benefits

Low Cost for Setup and Ongoing Maintenance

With an on-premise software solution, businesses must schedule maintenance and regular updates that could shut the company down for days or longer. With cloud hosting, all the hardware, backups and maintenance can be outsourced to a cloud provider so companies don’t have to manage reliability and IT costs that they would have if they had an in-house IT setup.

No Need for Internal IT Team

Software as a service (SaaS) allows users to subscribe and use software in the cloud. Companies using the cloud no longer need an IT manager because they can utilize the SaaS company they’ve chosen to work with. In most cases, these companies have exceptional customer service.

Less Maintenance to Upgrade System

Cloud applications do the upgrades for you, and you’re immediately switched over. This allows for more frequent updates and is much more convenient.

Fast Setup and Implementation

Cloud computing is especially helpful for growing businesses. It allows owners to scale up quickly without fronting the cost of installing an infrastructure on site. This keeps your team efficient and creates transparency as the software is being implemented.

Easy to Scale Up and Down with Engagement

Typically, when we have a client that has been using an on-premise software and wants to switch, we help them review and update their internal processes so they are more efficient when they move to the cloud. Our team at Strategies Group looks at your business structure and implements process improvements to make your company run more smoothly.

Saves Time, Keeps Margins Low

By operating in the cloud – you are saving time because you don’t have to load software onto each computing device you use. Most software runs in the browser or through an app, so it allows your team to be up to date at all times.

Is the Cloud Secure?

Security is a big concern with cloud computing and this question is something that our team at Strategies Group hears regularly. ‘Is the cloud secure?’ – Yes. It’s as secure, if not more secure, than an on-premise server would be.

The truth of the matter is that any server can be hacked, even a private on-premise structure. The advantage of using a cloud server is that issues are often detected more quickly because there are more customers using the same cloud software. Providers can identify issues quickly and often can work out any kinks because of the large influx of data that they can see.

Are You Ready to Upgrade to the Cloud?

At Strategies Group, our goal is to help your business succeed. When software is combined with the knowledge and expertise of a Strategies Group certified consultant/trainer, your business benefits from having a customized solution that works exactly how you want it to.

We offer a robust set of software solutions. We understand that growing companies need to keep operation costs to a minimum because of thin margins. Transferring your software to the cloud will give you more control and transparency of your IT costs.

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