Build your own reports in Excel in less than 5 minutes

Velixo: Excel-based Reporting

“ I love Velixo. It’s user-friendly and incredibly quick. I actually trust Velixo reports and have
peace of mind knowing I’m capturing everything since it’s integrated with Acumatica.”

- Lettie Wiemann, Controller, Vanguard Resources

Velixo for Acumatica

Excel-Based Reporting

Velixo Reports is the only reporting tool of its kind designed exclusively for Acumatica. Their expertise in Acumatica allowed them to craft a user-friendly Excel plugin that is fast-acting and leverages the unique capabilities of Acumatica.

To connect, you just use your Acumatica login credentials and start building Excel spreadsheets that instantly include Acumatica data. Velixo Reports adds a ribbon to Excel and more than 60 functions that are specially designed to work with general ledger, project data, and generic inquiries. After implementation, you can build your own reports in Excel with live Acumatica data in less than 5 minutes.

Reports, Features, and Capabilities


  • Excel Functions specially designed to work with your Acumatica General Ledger, Projects and Generic Inquiries
  • Powerful Filtering and Selection
  • Consolidation
  • GL, Budget and Project Forecast Writeback
  • Automated Report Distribution
  • Integrated Security
  • Smart Refresh
  • Smart Drilldown
  • Unlimited User Licensing
  • Offline Mode

Why Velixo?

What Makes Velixo Different?

There's no Learning Curve: If you know how to use Excel, then you know how to use Velixo. It is as easy as Excel, but as powerful as Acumatica Analytical Reports. It'll allow you to make the most out of your Acumatica experience.

You'll have Peace of Mind: Velixo's automatic updater guarantees users get the most up-to-date features and enhancements at all times. Additionally, the system provides access to an online community and a self-service help site in case you run into any issues.

Grow Without Worry:  Much like Acumatica, you can give access to anybody who needs it with the unlimited user license. Your entire team will have access to up-to-date information so you have one single source of truth.