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Next Steps for Business Software? Universal Access with Cloud-Based ERP Solutions

For most business owners, technology has not always been a friend. The collaboration of business computers with phones, tablets and even the network can create a headache for businesses as well as a delay in efficiency and growth. Technology that not only works cohesively together, but functions in real time from anywhere, is a pipe dream for most business owners. The good news is that there is technology and software out there that can do just that.
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On-Premise vs Cloud-Based Solutions

As technology improves, businesses are under more and more pressure to have access to real-time data and business intelligence to make quicker decisions. Because of its heightened accessibility, cloud computing is paving the way for companies wanting to streamline processes and do away with dated technology.
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Tips for Recruiting in the Construction Industry

This white paper offers tips on finding, interviewing, hiring and retaining qualified construction industry team members in a highly competitive recruiting environment.
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Thanks to All Our New Clients for a Great Year

Since partnering with Dexter + Chaney in 2015, we have added many new clients. We are very grateful for the opportunity to assist these companies in their implementation of Spectrum® Construction Software.
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3 Year-End Tax-Saving Tips for Computer Hardware and Software Purchases

Did you know you can deduct the cost of your newly-purchased computer hardware and software? The IRS gives three options that benefit companies purchasing computer hardware and software.
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